Ticket Machine

Bzzzt. Bzzzzzt. Bzzzzzt.

The ticket machine allows players to print tickets using golden tickets as a template. Golden tickets can be configured using the ticket_machine component API, as well as using the interface in maintenance mode (sneak right-click on the Ticket machine block with an empty hand). Once configured, tickets can be printed using the Ticket machine GUI (by selecting the golden ticket and clicking print) or using the component API (by specifying the desired golden ticket slot). Printing tickets requires a certain amount of power and regular Minecraft paper (which can be placed into the paper slot in maintenance-mode or via automation).

Optionally, manual printing of tickets (via the Ticket machine GUI) can be disabled using the component API, which only allows for printing using the component API functions. Maintenance mode can also be locked to the device owner and Ops only, if desired.

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