Noise Card

Boop. Beep. Bzzt.

The noise card, akin to the beep card, provides the play() function. In addition, it also allows setting each of the eight separate channels' sound modes to make the card play square, sine, triangle or sawtooth waves.

Furthermore, the card also provides a small internal buffer, allowing up to eight entries of frequency-duration pairs with an optional initial delay to be specified per channel. Calling process() will then process the entire buffer at once.

Example code: local card = require("component").noise card.setMode(1, card.modes.sawtooth){{440, 4}, {880, 2}}) This plays 440 Hz for 4 seconds with a sawtooth wave form and 880 Hz for 2 seconds with a square wave form.

Example code using the buffer: local card = component.noise card.setMode(1, card.modes.sawtooth) card.add(1, 440, 4) card.add(2, 880, 1, 2) card.add(2, 220, 1) card.process()

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