Minitel for KittenOS NEO

This package includes the Minitel service, in apps/svc-minitel.lua, and the net library, in libs/minitel.lua.

Minitel service

The Minitel service provides packet sending and receiving abilities.


  1. Place apps/svc-minitel.lua into NEO Disk/apps/svc-minitel.lua
  2. Set the preference run.svc-minitel to "yes"

Net library

The net library provides an easy way of interacting with the minitel service, and implements higher-level features of the stack.


Place libs/minitel.lua into NEO Disk/libs/minitel.lua


Due to how KittenOS's security model works, you have to initialise the library in an unusual way:

``` local minitel = neo.requireAccess("x.svc.minitel","minitel daemon access") local event = require("event")(neo)

local net = require("minitel")(event,minitel) ```

This gives access to the event API and Minitel service to the net library.


Being a direct port of the OpenOS version, the API is the same.

Layer 3

net.genPacketID() - returns a string of random data

net.usend(host, port, data, pid) - Sends an unreliable packet to host on port containing data, optionally with the packet ID pid.

net.rsend(host, port, data, block) - Sends a reliable packet to host on port containing data. If block is true, don't wait for a reply.

Layer 4

net.send(host, port, data) - Sends data reliably and in order to host on port.

Layer 5,port) - Establishes a stream to host on port and returns a stream object

net.listen(port) - Waits for another node to establish a stream, and returns the stream object.

Stream objects

stream:write(data) - Sends data to the node at the other end of the stream

stream:read(length) - Reads data from the stream, up to length bytes.

stream:close() - Ends the stream and prevents further writing.


net.mtu = 4096 - The maximum length of the data portion of a packet for net.send

net.streamdelay = 60 - The time, in seconds, will wait for a response while trying to establish a connection.

net.minport = 32768 - The lowest port net.listen will allocate to a new connection.

net.maxport = 65535 - The highest port net.listen will allocate to a new connection.

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