Minitel - Layer 5


Establishing a connection

Ending a connection

Example exchange:

Acknowledgements are implied.

Client bob sends request to open a connection on port 40:
"packet ID 1", 1, "alice", "bob", 40, "openstream"

Server alice accepts and sends a port to client bob for further communications:
"packet ID 3", 1, "bob", "alice", 40, "32800"

Server alice then sends a string on that port as a close session marker:
"packet ID 4", 1, "bob", "alice", 32800, "asdfghjkl"

Nodes alice and bob can now freely exchange data on that port: "packet ID 5", 1, "alice", "bob", 32800, "random data and stuff"
"packet ID 6", 1, "bob", "alice", 32800, "response data"

Client bob decides to close the connection, and sends the close session marker:
"packet ID 7", 1, "alice", "bob", 32800, "asdfghjkl"

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